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Hong Kong Mural Society was founded and is run by dedicated muralists and art educators. Some experienced muralists or art educators have been invited to join the Board of Directors and become Board Members of HKMS. In addition to a core of HKMS muralists, our organization also invites associate muralists who work on various mural projects from time to time.

Current Board Directors:

Chairman & Co-Founder: Prof. Kong Ho, Associate Professor of Art, muralist and art professor

Vice Chairman: Joel E. Ferraris, Hong Kong-based Filipino muralist and artist

Consultant and Co-Founder: Dr. Martie Geiger-Ho, US-based ceramist, sculptor and art professor

Secretary: Rebeka Tam, artist and muralist

Treasure & Public Relations: Ivy Yuen, artist and muralist

Project Coordinator: Irene Leung, artist and muralist

Graphic Designer: Penva Yim, artist and designer

Web Designer: Chris Lau, artist and designer



Muralists are artists working for HKMS and regular HKMS members. They are responsible for creating the public mural projects organized by HKMS.

Johnny Lee, Ho Yin, Brian Yau, Leung Kai Kwong, Celia Ko, Tony Ng, Penva Yim, Clara Yu, Elaine Yim, Lau Kit Fung, Margaret Leung, Andy Ma, Daniel Cheung, Lai Wai Lok, Law Chi Long, Mono Koo, etc.

Prof. Kong Ho
Joel E. Ferraris
Dr. Martie Geiger-Ho
Rebeka Tam
Irene Leung
Ivy Yuen
IPenva Yim
Chris Lau